The distribution of some species of Trentepohliaceae (Trentepohliales, Chlorophyta) in France

Fabio RINDI, Michael D. GUIRY, Alan T. CRITCHLEY & Erwan AR GALL

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 24 (2) - Pages 133-144

Published on 30 May 2003

Some new and interesting green algae of the family Trentepohliaceae in northern and central France are noted. Specimens attributable to the genus Phycopeltis were observed on leaves of ivy in a deciduous woodland in Brittany; they had a regularly diskshaped habit, with vegetative cells 8-20 μm long 5-10 μm wide. Most of the material is attributable to Phycopeltis arundinacea (Montagne) De Toni, but the occurrence of specimens producing sporangiate laterals on apical and subapical cells indicates that Phycopeltis epiphyton Millardet was possibly also present. This is the first record of Phycopeltis for France and the first of Phycopeltis arundinacea for continental Europe. Specimens of Trentepohlia iolithus (Linnaeus) Wallroth and another species of Trentepohlia, probably Trentepohlia umbrina (Kützing) Bornet, were collected from concrete and other building surfaces in northern and central France. These species occur in the same habitat as they occupy in western Ireland and are likely to be much more widespread in parts of Europe with a warm-temperate Atlantic climate than available records indicate

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