Sporochnus anomalus (Pallas) comb. nov. (Sporochnales, Phaeophyceae), the oldest available name for Sporochnus gaertnera C.Agardh

Michael J. WYNNE

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 24 (1) - Pages 75-81

Published on 28 February 2003

Fucus anomalus Pallas (1766) is shown to be the oldest legitimate, valid and available name for the brown alga currently known as Sporochnus gaertnera C.Agardh. Thus, the binomial Sporochnus anomalus (Pallas) comb. nov. is proposed. A nomenclatural and taxonomic historical background on this alga is also provided.


Marine brown algae, nomenclature, Phaeophyceae

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