The reinstatement of the name Ulva nematoidea Bory de Saint-Vincent (Chlorophyta) and the placement of U. costata (Howe) Hollenberg in its taxonomic synonymy

Michael J. WYNNE

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 23 (1) - Pages 5-12

Published on 22 February 2002

The continued use of the name Ulva costata (Howe) Hollenberg in the literature of benthic marine algae for the Pacifc coast of both North and South America prompts me to present evidence that Ulva nematoidea Bory de Saint-Vincent is a taxonomic synonym of U. costata with priority and is the correct name for this taxon. A lectotype is designated for U. nematoidea, and the lectotype of U. fasciata f. costata is discussed.


Biogeography, Chile, Chlorophyta, marine green algae, Ulva costata, Ulva nematoidea

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