Presidential address

Denis LAMY

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 23 (1) - Page 3

Published on 22 February 2002

Over 20 years, the publication of a high quality journal bas been the major concern of ADAC (Association des Amis des Cryptogames), and this applies as well to the content as to its presentation. In 1999, challenged by the rapid evolution in electronic publishing and by the improvement of the diffusion, ADAC confined the responsability of edition, promotion and diffusion of the three sections of Cryptogamie (Cryptogamie, Algologie ; Cryptogamie, Bryologie ; Cryptogamie, Mycologie) to Elsevier Editions. Now, three years later, our contract with Elsevier has come to an end for various reasons, but principally because of our desire to maintain the individual publication of each section of Cryptogamie, in line with the different centres of interest of both our readers and authors. ADAC is thus sole editor of Cryptogamie.

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