Les Reptiles des Pyrénées

fr Volume 73

Published on 21 July 2016

This book presents in detail the 32 protected species present in the Pyrenees mountain range (France, Spain and Andorra). This herpetological guide is the fruit of a naturalist’s project combining bibliographical investigation and photo reporting. It provides a synthetic compilation of information pertaining to several fields of research – systematics, taxonomy, biogeography, ecology, biology, and more – that was scattered over several hundred books and papers. Phenotype variations and ecological specificities of the snakes, lizards and tortoises found on the territory of the Pyrenees are illustrated with a wealth of photographs, all taken in situ between 2 m and 3,143 m above sea level. Precise range maps (with UTM 10 x 10 km cells) derived from scientific sources complete and clarify the written biogeographical information. Endemic and subendemic species and subspecies as well as those with a special status (e.g. highly localized or vulnerable) are treated with particular care, and the threats facing reptiles in the Pyrenees are described in detail.
This book will be a precious mine of information for all those who love the Pyrenees and for naturalists and managers of the range’s natural areas such as its national park, regional parks, nature reserves and Natura 2000 sites.

Winner of the Livre Pyrénéen prize ‘Guide 2017’.

Foreword by Juan Pablo Martínez Rica


POTTIER G. 2016. — Les Reptiles des Pyrénées. Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, 352 p. (Patrimoines naturels ; 73).

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Les Reptiles des Pyrénées
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