Coraux constructeurs de récifs des Caraïbes

fr Volume 14
Patrick SCAPS

Published on 20 November 2019

Corals belong to the phylum Cnidaria, like jellyfish. These colonial organisms have the ability to secrete a calcareous exoskeleton - the building material of coral reefs, some of the world’s most species-rich ecosystems: even though they are found in 0.2 % only of the area covered by oceans, they enclose more than 30 % of the known marine biodiversity. Their current regression (destruction, bleaching) everywhere on the planet is a major threat for biodiversity. An estimated 85 % of the coral reefs of the Caribbean have already disappeared, and this trend continues despite ongoing conservation efforts.
This reference book on the reef-building stony corals of the Caribbean gives a general overview of the group - anatomy, classification, biology and systematics – and doubles as an identification manual, describing 68 species in detailed monographs illustrated with photographs taken in the natural habitat.
This guide is intended for naturalists, marine biology enthusiasts, scuba-divers and snorkellers who will be eager to participate in the conservation of the littoral zone of the Caribbean islands.


SCAPS P. 2019. — Coraux constructeurs de récifs des Caraïbes. Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris ; Biotope, Mèze, 240 p. (Inventaires & biodiversité ; 14).

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Coraux constructeurs de récifs des Caraïbes
Technical information:

177 colour photos;
165 x 240 mm;
Paperback with flaps.

Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 978-2-85653-890-6
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