Geodiversitas 34 (1)

Published on
30 March 2012

Calcareous algae and global change: from identification to quantification

Edited by Daniela BASSO & Bruno GRANIER

Although calcareous algae are known both in present environments and fossil records, from shelf and upper slope settings, either in warm seas for green algae or at all latitudes for red algae, we still need models to quantify their abundance in space and time, Calcareous algae are an important component of biogenic carbonate production but they are very sensitive to marine acidification and rise in temperature, as illustrated by the effects of ongoing global change, Contributions herein were first presented at the 6th Regional (European) Symposium of the International "Fossil Algae" Association: they include two reviews respectively devoted to the carbonate production of red and green algae, and a suite of investigations covering quantification, facies delineation, and controlling factors spanning the present-day Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Pacific going back to the Jurassic of Romania.

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en Calcareous algae in changing environments

BASSO Daniela & GRANIER Bruno


en Carbonate production by calcareous red algae and global change

BASSO Daniela


en The contribution of calcareous green algae to the production of limestones: a review



en The contribution of calcareous algae to the biogenic carbonates of the continental shelf: Pontian Islands, Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy

BRACCHI Valentina Alice & BASSO Daniela


en Maerl-bed mapping and carbonate quantification on submerged terraces offshore the Cilento peninsula (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

SAVINI Alessandra et al.


en Modern Rhodolith-dominated carbonates at Punta Chivato, Mexico

HALFAR Jochen et al.


en Palaeoenvironmental and stratigraphic significance of Pliocene rhodolith beds and coralline algal bioconstructions from the Carboneras Basin (SE Spain)

AGUIRRE Julio et al.


en Quantification of the coralline carbonate from a Serravallian rhodolith bed of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (Stazzano, Alessandria, NW Italy)

BASSO Daniela et al.


en Coralline algae as environmental indicators: a case study from the Attard member (Chattian, Malta)

QUARANTA Francesca et al.


en Rudist-bearing rhodalgal facies in the post-Turonian recovery of peri-Tethyan carbonate systems: a case history from the Nurra region (northwestern Sardinia, Italy)

SIMONE Lucia et al.


en Temporal changes in biotic and abiotic composition of shallow-water carbonates on submerged seamounts in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and their controlling factors

TAKAYANAGI Hideko et al.


en Large dasycladalean algae from Upper Jurassic limestone deposits of the Apuseni Mountains (Romania) – habitat and depositional environment

BUCUR Ioan I. & SASARAN Emanoil