Le gisement de vertébrés pliocènes de Çalta, Ankara, Turquie. 5. Carnivores


fr Geodiversitas 20 (3) - Pages 379-396

Published on 30 September 1998

Pliocene vertebrate locality of Çalta, Ankara, Turkey. 5. Carnivores.

The locality of Çalta yielded the remains of five different taxa of Carnivora: two canids (Vulpes galaticus n.sp. and Nyctereutes donnezani), one hyaenid (Chasmasporthetes kani anatolicus n.ssp.) and two felids (Lynx issiodorensis and Machairodus giganteus). Vulpes galaticus is the oldest fox in the world and the most carnivorous. It seems to be a good ancestor for all the more recent foxes, including the arctic one.

Keywords :

Mammalia, Carnivora, Canidae, Hyaenidae, Felidae, new taxa