Some interesting bryophyte records from Sierra Nevada (southern Spain)

Susana RAMS, Maria J. CANO & Juan GUERRA

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 26 (4) - Pages 417-423

Published on 28 October 2005

Some bryophyte records from the Sierra Nevada (Spain) represent an interesting extension of their known distribution range. We refer to the liverwort Diplophyllum taxifolium (Wahlenb.) Dumort. and the mosses Encalypta microstoma Bals.-Criv. & De Not. and Myurella julacea (Schwägr.) Schimp., which are montane species with an arctic-alpine distribution and are known from other high mountain systems. Tortula bolanderi (Lesq.) M. Howe, with a Mediterranean distribution, is reported for the first time in peninsular Spain.

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