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en Dental ontogeny in the early Paleocene placental mammal Alcidedorbignya inopinata (Pantodonta) from Tiupampa (Bolivia)

Christian de MUIZON & Guillaume BILLET

989-1050, Published on 01 December 2022, art. 44 (32) DOI LSID

en New data on the Permian ecosystem of the Rodez Basin: ichnofauna (traces of protostomians, tetrapods and fishes), jellyfishes and plants from Banassac-Canilhac (Lozère, southern France)

Jean-David MOREAU & Georges GAND

975-987, Published on 10 November 2022, art. 44 (31) DOI LSID

en The discovery of a Balaenomorpha (Persufflatius renefraaijeni n. gen., n. sp.) from the upper Miocene of the Netherlands sheds new light on the cranial anatomy of archaic rorqual relatives


933-973, Published on 27 October 2022, art. 44 (30) DOI LSID

en The Sarmatian (middle Miocene) “petrified forest” of Gramada (NW Bulgaria): role of the calcareous crusts

Jean-Paul SAINT MARTIN et al.

911-932, Published on 13 October 2022, art. 44 (29) DOI LSID

en Fossil wood from the lower Miocene of Myanmar (Natma Formation): palaeoenvironmental and biogeographic implications

Nicolas GENTIS et al.

853-909, Published on 29 September 2022, art. 44 (28) DOI LSID

en Sonniniidae (Ammonitina, Middle Jurassic) from Southern Spain: taxonomic, biostratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical analysis


801-851, Published on 15 September 2022, art. 44 (27) DOI LSID

fr Rongeurs de la localité éocène de Cos (Tarn-et-Garonne, Quercy, France). Comparaison avec les rongeurs de localités de la transition Éocène inférieur/Éocène moyen

Monique VIANEY-LIAUD et al.

753-800, Published on 05 September 2022, art. 44 (26) DOI LSID

en Vertebrate paleobiodiversity of the Early Cretaceous (Berriasian) Angeac-Charente Lagerstätte (southwestern France): implications for continental faunal turnover at the J/K boundary

Ronan ALLAIN et al.

683-752, Published on 21 July 2022, art. 44 (25) DOI LSID

fr Taphonomie et minéralisation de bois carbonatisés du Purbeckien de l’Usine, à Cherves-Richemont (Charente)

Didier NÉRAUDEAU et al.

665-682, Published on 13 July 2022, art. 44 (24) DOI LSID

en High diversity of pimpline parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae) from the lowermost Eocene Fur Formation (Denmark)


645-664, Published on 07 July 2022, art. 44 (23) DOI LSID