Geodiversitas 29 (4)

Published on
28 December 2007

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fr Le Pliensbachien de Jebel Zaghouan (Tunisie). Nouvelles données fauniques. Implications biostratigraphiques et paléobiogéographiques

FAURÉ Philippe et al.


en Palaeontological study of Middle Oxfordian-Early Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) ammonites from the Rosso Ammonitico of Monte Inici (north-western Sicily, Italy)

CECCA Fabrizio & SAVARY Bérengère


en Redescription of the wrist and manus of ?Bothriospondylus madagascariensis: new data on carpus morphology in Sauropoda

LÄNG Émilie & GOUSSARD Florent


en A high diversity in fossil beaked whales (Mammalia, Odontoceti, Ziphiidae) recovered by trawling from the sea floor off South Africa

BIANUCCI Giovanni et al.