Two new species, including one representing a new genus, of the West African millipede family Campodesmidae (Diplopoda: Polydesmida)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2015 - Pages 1-11 (EJT-139)

Published on 28 September 2015

A new genus, Campodesmoides gen. nov., is described to only encompass C. corniger sp. nov., from Cameroon. This genus and species is distinguished from the few known species of the small western African family Campodesmidae, all currently in Campodesmus, by the much longer antennae and legs, the normal pore formula with ozopores borne on porosteles, and the suberect and distally twisted gonopod, coupled with peculiar horns on a few anterior postcollum segments. A new Campodesmus is also described, C. alobatus sp. nov., from Ivory Coast, which differs from congeners primarily in the lack of a dorsal/lateral lobe on the otherwise usual and strongly subcircular gonopod telopodite, albeit the latter is not directed mesad, but held subparallel to the main body axis.

Keywords :

Myriapoda, taxonomy, Ivory Coast, Cameroon.

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