Les figures de la chasse dans les métamorphoses d’Apulée


fr Anthropozoologica 33-34 - Pages 93-104

Published on 01 March 2002

Faces of hunting in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

Through the myth of Diana and Actæon (Met. 2, 4), the death of the robber Thrasyleon dressed up as a bear (Met. 4, 14, 4-4, 21), and Tlepolemus ' tragic boar-hunting (Met. 8, 1-14), Apuleius throws the parts of all hunting's actors into confusion, instead of pointing out hunting as a codified practice, in which gods, humans and beasts have definite functions. Hunting in Apuleius' Metamorphoses shows a strange use of an epic theme and points out that no one can approach wildness without danger to his own identity.
Keywords :
Hunting, wildness, Actaeon, boar-hunting, epic.
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