A new rheophytic species of Syzygium Gaertn. (Myrtaceae) from Assam, North East India

Jatindra SARMA, Hussain Ahmed BARBHUIYA & Santanu DEY

en Adansonia 41 (6) - Pages 53-58

Published on 20 May 2019

A new species of Syzygium Gaertn. (Myrtaceae) is described from North East India: Syzygium nivae Barbhuiya, J.Sarma & S.Dey, sp. nov. The new species is a rheophyte, which is restricted to the Kopili riverbed of West Karbi Anglong district of Assam. The present species shows little affinity with Syzygium khasianum (Duthie) N.P.Balakr. in having lanceolate leaves, paniculate inflorescence and calyptrate petals, but differs in various aspects, such as shrubby rheophytic plant habit, narrower leaves, non-caudate leaf apex, shorter peduncles, larger flowers etc.

Keywords :

Myrtaceae, Syzygium, rheophyte, endemic, West Karbi Anglong, Assam

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