New taxa of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Madagascar. III

Eberhard FISCHER & Marie Elisette RAHELIVOLOLONA

en Adansonia 26 (1) - Pages 37-52

Published on 08 July 2004

The new endemic species Impatiens renae, I. kuepferi, I. wohlhauseri, I. sidaeformis, I. vellela, I. mayae-valeriae and I. loki-schmidtiae belonging to subgenus Impatiens and I. stefaniae from subgenus Trimorphopetalum are described and illustrated. Five nomina nova are proposed: Impatiens elisettae for I. longicalcarata H. Perrier, I. grey-wilsonii for I. longicalcarata (G.M. Schulze & Wilczek) Grey-Wilson, I. delabathiana for I. trichocarpa H. Perrier, I. oniveensis for I. rubrolineata H. Perrier and I. lemuriana for I. gibbosa H. Perrier.

Keywords :

Balsaminaceae, Impatiens, Madagascar

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