Cryptogamie, Mycologie 42 (fasc1)

Published on
01 January 2021

en Analysis of lichen secondary chemistry doubled the number of Cetrelia W.L. Culb. & C.F. Culb. species (Parmeliaceae, lichenised Ascomycota) in Hungary

Edit FARKAS et al.

1-16, Published on 02 February 2021, art. 42 (1) DOI

en Crystallodon Alvarenga gen. nov., a new genus of the Auriculariales from the Neotropics

Renato Lúcio Mendes ALVARENGA & Tatiana Baptista GIBERTONI

17-24, Published on 19 February 2021, art. 42 (2) DOI

en New insights into the taxonomy of the genus Cantharellus in China: epityfication of C. yunnanensis W.F. Chiu and the first record of C. cibarius Fr.

Shi-Cheng SHAO et al.

25-37, Published on 19 March 2021, art. 42 (3) DOI

en Mucoralean fungi in Thailand: novel species of Absidia from tropical forest soil

Vedprakash G. HURDEAL et al.

39-61, Published on 02 April 2021, art. 42 (4) DOI

en Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 101-110

Bart BUYCK et al.

63-89, Published on 14 April 2021, art. 42 (5) DOI

en Warts galore – on three new Lamprospora De Not. species (Pezizales) from Southern Europe and Macaronesia and a type revision of three species described from the US by F. J. Seaver in the 1910s

Marcel VEGA et al.

91-119, Published on 21 May 2021, art. 42 (6) DOI

en Cryptic but ubiquitous: Claviradulomyceae fam. nov. with five novel species of the lenticel fungus Claviradulomyces from Brazil

Lidiane Leal DUARTE et al.

121-135, Published on 09 June 2021, art. 42 (7) DOI

en Two new crustose Cladonia species with strepsilin and other new lichens from the Serra de Maracaju, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

André APTROOT et al.

137-148, Published on 02 July 2021, art. 42 (8) DOI

en Typification of the four most investigated and valuable truffles: Tuber aestivum Vittad., T. borchii Vittad., T. magnatum Picco and T. melanosporum Vittad.

Marco LEONARDI et al.

149-170, Published on 24 September 2021, art. 42 (9) DOI

en New lichen species and records from the Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso, Brazil

André APTROOT & Maria Fernanda SOUZA

171-180, Published on 06 October 2021, art. 42 (10) DOI

en Saxicolous lichens in the semi-arid Caatinga in Brazil show substratum shifts

André APTROOT et al.

181-189, Published on 13 October 2021, art. 42 (11) DOI

en New crustose lichens from a tropical coastal area in Paraná (Brazil)

André APTROOT & Maria Fernanda SOUZA

191-197, Published on 10 November 2021, art. 42 (12) DOI