Anthropozoologica 56 (fasc1)

Published on
01 January 2021

fr Histoire de la petite mangouste indienne Urva auropunctata (Hodgson, 1836) dans les Antilles : une introduction aux conséquences sociétales et écologiques majeures

Olivier LORVELEC et al.

1-22, Published on 08 January 2021, art. 56 (1) DOI

en Catching tuna in the Aegean: biological background of tuna fisheries and the archaeological implications

Dimitra MYLONA

23-37, Published on 29 January 2021, art. 56 (2) DOI

en The hooting past. Re-evaluating the role of owls in shaping human-place relations throughout the Pleistocene


39-56, Published on 19 February 2021, art. 56 (3) DOI

en A string of marine shell beads from the Neolithic site of Vršnik (Tarinci, Ovče pole), and other marine shell ornaments in the Neolithic of North Macedonia


57-70, Published on 12 March 2021, art. 56 (4) DOI

en Wild food in an urban environment: freshwater fish consumption in the archaic town of Forcello (northern Italy)


71-85, Published on 02 April 2021, art. 56 (5) DOI

en When did roosters start singing at Arslantepe? A preliminary assessment of the presence and spread of Gallus gallus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Iron Age Eastern Anatolia

Giovanni SIRACUSANO et al.

241-251, Published on 19 November 2021, art. 56 (16) DOI

fr Petit poisson deviendra grand… Les créatures aquatiques et leurs petits dans la littérature antique et médiévale

Brigitte GAUVIN

253-279, Published on 10 December 2021, art. 56 (17) DOI

fr Actualités scientifiques / Recensions d'ouvrages

Michela DEL SAVIO et al.

281-288, Published on 31 December 2021, art. 56 (18)