Panicum maculatum Aubl.: its type and the correct use of Lasiacis maculata (Aubl.) Urb. (Poaceae, Paniceae)

Riccardo M. BALDINI

en Adansonia 32 (1) - Pages 109-119

Published on 25 June 2010

The type of Panicum maculatum Aubl. is confirmed here in order to establish the correct application of Lasiacis maculata (Aubl.) Urb. The interpretation of the Plumier’s plate on which Panicum maculatum Aubl. is based confirms that this species cannot be referred to Lasiacis ligulata Hitchc. & Chase as reported either by old or recent literature, but to Lasiacis sorghoidea (Desv. in Ham.) Hitch. & Chase (=P. sorghoideum Desv. in Ham.). A nomenclatural synopsis for L. maculata (Aubl.) Urb. is also provided so as to clarify its nomenclatural framework.


Poaceae, Paniceae, Panicum maculatum, Lasiacis, nomenclature

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