Nematode-Trapping fungi from mangrove habitats

Aung SWE, Rajesh JEEWON & Kevin D. HYDE

en Cryptogamie, Mycologie 29 (4) - Pages 333-354

Publié le 26 décembre 2008

Nematode-Trapping fungi from mangrove habitats

Ten species belonging to, Arthrobotrys, Dactylellina and Dreschlerella were recorded from mangrove habitats in Hong Kong. These nematode-trapping fungi are characterised and illustrated and compared with freshwater and terrestrial stains. Conidial and conidiophore morphology of all the mangrove strains collected in present study fell within the range of their respective species, however, there were also variation in conidiophore and conidial characters.

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