Geodiversitas 29 (3)

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28 septembre 2007

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en Introductory note to Neogene paleoenvironments in the Mediterranean realm

SEN Sevket


en A late Miocene leaf assemblage from Vrysses, western Crete, Greece, and its paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic interpretation

ZIDIANAKIS Giannis et al.


en Micropaleontological parameters as proxies of late Miocene surface water properties and paleoclimate in Gavdos Island, eastern Mediterranean

ANTONARAKOU Assimina et al.


en Pliocene to Pleistocene large mammal diversity and turnover in North Mediterranean region: the Greek Peninsula with respect to the Iberian and Italian ones

KOSTOPOULOS Dimitris S. et al.


en Dental microwear analysis of bovids from the Vallesian (late Miocene) of Axios Valley in Greece: reconstruction of the habitat of Ouranopithecus macedoniensis (Primates, Hominoidea)

MERCERON Gildas et al.


en The southernmost record of fossil Castoridae (Mammalia, Rodentia) in Europe

GARCÍA-ALIX Antonio et al.


en New discoveries of hyaenodontids (Creodonta, Mammalia) from the Pondaung Formation, middle Eocene, Myanmar ? paleobiogeographic implications

PEIGNÉ Stéphane et al.