Pliocene vertebrate locality of Çalta, Ankara, Turkey. 2. Aves: Struthionidae

Anwar JANOO & Sevket SEN

en Geodiversitas 20 (3) - Pages 339-351

Published on 30 September 1998

A species of ostrich is identified among the vertebrate faunal assemblage from the Pliocene locality of Çalta, Turkey. This taxon referred to as Struthio sp. is of a more robust type than the recent species Struthio camelus as based on the dimensions of the posterior limb bones, and particularly the femur. This species represents one of the struthioniformes that evolved in Eurasia and is close in its morphological features to Struthio asiaticus Brodkorb, 1963.

Keywords :

Struthioniformes, Aves, Pliocene, Çalta, Turkey