Three new species of Entomobrya (Collembola: Entomobryidae) from China

Yitong MA & Shidi SHI

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2018 (419) - Pages 1-21

Published on 27 March 2018

Three new species of Entomobrya Rondani, 1861 from China are described: E. leviseta sp. nov. and E. polychaeta sp. nov. from Shaanxi Province and E. dingi sp. nov. from Yunnan Province. This is the first report of Entomobrya from Shaanxi Province. Entomobrya leviseta sp. nov. is characterised by prelabral smooth chaetae on the labrum; E. polychaeta sp. nov. by three pairs of longitudinal dark blue stripes from Th. II to Abd. III and eight lateral mac on Abd. III; and E. dingi sp. nov. by only a little pigment on the body and 5 central mac on And. II & III. A key to all Chinese species of Entomobrya is given.
Keywords :

Entomobryinae, taxonomy, chaetotaxy.

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