Phortica eparmata species complex (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from the Oriental Region, with DNA barcoding information of Chinese species

Lin ZHU, Huiluo CAO & Hongwei CHEN

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2018 (403) - Pages 1-18

Published on 14 February 2018

A new species complex, the eparmata complex, is established within the subgenus Phortica s. str., based on eight known and five new species, all of which are endemic to the Oriental Region: P. bipartita (Toda & Peng, 1992), P. eparmata (Okada, 1977), P. lanuginosa Chen & Toda, 2007, P. latipenis Chen & Gao, 2005, P. pangi Chen & Wen, 2005, P. setitabula Chen & Gao, 2005, P. unipetala Chen & Wen, 2005 and P. zeta Chen & Toda, 2007; P. jadete sp. nov., P. kava sp. nov., P. mengda sp. nov., P. wongding sp. nov. and P. yena sp. nov. A key to all species of this complex is provided. Barcoding sequences (mitochondrial COI gene) were obtained for 22 specimens of five known and the five above-mentioned new species. The intra- and inter-specific pairwise K-2P (Kimura’s two-parameter) distances of COI were determined. Phylogenetic analysis was performed using Bayesian inference based on COI sequences, confirming the monophyletic status of the eparmata complex, which is distinct from the species complexes of magna, omega, variegata and another two ungrouped species

Keywords :

DNA barcoding, drosophilid, East Asia, new species, systematics.

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