Anthropozoologica 47 (2)

Published on
28 December 2012

The development and specialisation of dairying practices

Edited by

Roz GILLIS & Jean-Denis VIGNE

 This issue of Anthropozoologica is one of the volumes of the proceedings of the 11th meeting of the International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ), which was held in Paris (France) 23rd-28th August 2010. ICAZ was founded in the early 1970s and ever since has acted as the main international  rganisation for the study of animal remains from archaeological sites. The International conferences of ICAZ are held every four years, with the Paris meeting – the largest ever – following those in Budapest (Hungary, 1971), Groningen (the Netherlands, 1974), Szczecin (Poland, 1978), London (England, 1982), Bordeaux (France, 1986), Washington D.C. (USA, 1990), Constance (Germany, 1994), Victoria (Canada, 1998), Durham (England, 2002) and Mexico City (Mexico, 2006). The next meeting will be held in Argentina in 2014. The Paris conference – attended by some 720 delegates from 56 countries – was organised as one general and thirty thematic sessions, which attracted, in addition to archaeozoologists, scholars from related disciplines such as bone chemistry, genetics, morphometrics, anthropology, archaeobotany and mainstream archaeology. This conference was also marked by the involvement in the international archaeozoological community of increasing numbers of individuals from numerous countries of Latin America and of South and East Asia.

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fr Avant-propos des éditeurs scientifiques

GILLIS Roz & VIGNE Jean-Denis


fr The anthropozoology of domestication for milk production

POPLIN François


en The Milky Way: The implications of using animal milk products in infant feeding

HOWCROFT Rachel et al.


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SALQUE M. et al.


en Evaluating demographic models for goat domestication using mtDNA sequences

GERBAULT Pascale et al.


en Neolithic Dairy Technology at the European-Anatolian Frontier Implications of Archaeozoological Evidence from Ulucak Höyuk, Izmir, Turkey, ca. 7000-5700 cal. BC



en Cows, milk and religion : the use of dairy produce in early societies