Muséum's journals switch to a countinuous stream of fast-track publication

The first articles of the new fast-track scientific journals of the Muséum are available online:

Publication date: 30 January 2018.

Arnaud BRIGNON 2018. — Contexte historique de la collection Félix de Roissy (1771-1843) de reptiles marins jurassiques des Vaches Noires. Geodiversitas 40 (2): 43-68.
KARAYTUĞ, Ahmet BOZKURT & Serdar SÖNMEZA 2018. — A new hyporheic Monchenkocyclops Karanovic, Yoo & Lee, 2012 (Crustacea: Copepoda) from Turkey with special emphasis on antennulary homology. Zoosystema 40 (2): 43-58.
Anthony R. BEAN & Florian JABBOUR 2018. — The typification of Lagenophora sundana Miq. (Asteraceae). Adansonia 40 (2): 43-45.
Thierry BUQUET, Brigitte GAUVIN, Catherine JACQUEMARD & Marie-Agnès LUCAS-AVENEL 2018. — Introduction : Pour une histoire des animaux aquatiques des mers septentrionales. Anthropozoologica 53 (2): 43-51.

To discover the evolution of the Paris Muséum periodical journals, read the article by Côtez et al. (2018), "1802-2018: a 220-year history of the Muséum periodicals" in the journals Adansonia, Geodiversitas, Zoosystema and Anthropozoologica.