Cryptogamie, Bryologie

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en New Pottiaceae genera to the moss flora of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula

Mai A. TAHA et al.

1-9, Published on 10 January 2020, art. 41 (1) DOI


en A complete description and conservation assessment of Riella affinis Howe & Underwood (Riellaceae, Sphaerocarpales) new to continental Europe

José Gabriel SEGARRA-MORAGUES et al.

297-307, Published on 18 December 2019, art. 40 (23) DOI

en Novelties in the hornwort flora of Croatia and Southeast Europe

Anja RIMAC et al.

289-295, Published on 11 December 2019, art. 40 (22) DOI

en A contribution to the study of hornworts and liverworts in Tunisia: a checklist and ecology of Kroumirian species

Imen BEN OSMAN et al.

271-287, Published on 05 December 2019, art. 40 (21) DOI

en Morphological and molecular evidence for synonymy of Cinclidotus confertus Lüth with C. riparius (Host ex Brid.) Arn.

Thomas KIEBACHER et al.

259-269, Published on 27 November 2019, art. 40 (20) DOI

en Trematodon laetevirens Hakelier & J.-P. Frahm and T. brevicollis Hornsch. (Bruchiaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia


247-258, Published on 20 November 2019, art. 40 (19) DOI

en Checklist of liverworts and hornworts of Togo

Goudjo Ameto ABALO-LOKO et al.

233-245, Published on 15 November 2019, art. 40 (18) DOI

en A small elevational gradient shows negative bottom-to-top bryophyte richness in a seasonally dry forest in Brazil

Joan Bruno SILVA et al.

219-231, Published on 05 November 2019, art. 40 (17) DOI

en A review of the genus Macromitrium Brid. (Orthotrichaceae, Bryophyta) in New Caledonia


167-217, Published on 16 October 2019, art. 40 (16) DOI

en Additions to the bryophyte flora of the Republic of Northern Macedonia

Beáta PAPP et al.

159-166, Published on 09 October 2019, art. 40 (15) DOI