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en Gender expression in Sedum praealtum A. DC. (Crassulaceae) in Central Veracruz, Mexico


241-247, Published on 21 September 2020, art. 42 (13) DOI

en Structural and histochemical characterization of the osmophores in corollas of Asteraceae (tribes Onoserideae and Famatinantheae)

Liliana KATINAS et al.

227-239, Published on 14 September 2020, art. 42 (12) DOI

en Typification of two accepted names and one synonym in the genus Nepeta L.

Anand KUMAR & Onkar Nath MAURYA

219-225, Published on 31 August 2020, art. 42 (11) DOI

en Taxonomic studies of Diospyros L. (Ebenaceae) from the Malagasy region.IV. Synoptic revision of the Squamosa group in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

George E. SCHATZ & Porter P. LOWRY II

201-218, Published on 20 July 2020, art. 42 (10) DOI

fr Une espèce nouvelle du genre Dendrobium Sw. (Orchidaceae) de Nouvelle-Calédonie et une clé pour la section Kinetochilus Schltr.

Marc PIGNAL et al.

189-200, Published on 22 June 2020, art. 42 (9) DOI

en Gymnosiphon mayottensis Cheek, sp. nov. (Burmanniaceae) a new species from Mayotte, Comoro Islands

Martin CHEEK & Sébastien TRACLET

179-188, Published on 25 May 2020, art. 42 (8) DOI

en A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae)


131-177, Published on 27 April 2020, art. 42 (7) DOI

fr Psychotria niauensis sp. nov. (Rubiaceae), espèce calcicole endémique de la Polynésie française, décrite de l’atoll soulevé de Niau (Tuamotu)

Jean-François BUTAUD & Jacques FLORENCE

119-130, Published on 30 March 2020, art. 42 (6) DOI

en Studies on the genus Capparis L. (Capparaceae) in Lao PDR. V: A new species from limestones of the Luang Prabang Province


113-118, Published on 16 March 2020, art. 42 (5) DOI

en A revision of Cinnadenia Kosterm. (Lauraceae)

Rogier P. J. de KOK & Seda SENGUN

105-112, Published on 09 March 2020, art. 42 (4) DOI